download beat legend avicii apk for android and ios

Download Beat Legend Avicii APK For Android and iOS

Beat Legend: AVICII the new rhythm based futurtistic game

What is Beat Legend: AVICII?

Beat Legend: AVICII is a new interactive, vehicules and futuristic game. It was released on the July 23, 2020 by Hello There Games and Atari,inc and goes in the category of music on Google Play apk and can be played aswell on iOS and PC thanks to our modded installer. Beat Legend: AVICII is a rhythm-based and touch-screen-optimized game featuring some of the best Tim “Avicii” tracks.

Beat Legend is the first mobile game series that is planned to be focusing on musics of artists as per Atari and Hello There Games statements. And considering that Beat Legend Avicii APK is the first game of the series, its music royalties will go to the charity of mental health awareness and suicide prevention Tim Bergling Foundation.

What are the songs available in Beat Legend: AVICII ?

Although that the game is released with a limited number of songs of the famous singer AVICCI that are no more than 15, many other ones are planned to be added and maybe a function that allows to every user to add whatever song they want just like the Youtube Premium function. Here are some of the available songs at the moment:

I Could Be The One: 2015, Avicii & Nicky Romero

Gonna Love Ya: 2015, Avicii

Heaven: Avicii, Progressive Music

Without You: 2017, Avicii

Levels: 2011, Avicii

SOS: Avicii & Aloe Blacc, Dance

Addicted to You: 2013, Avicii

Fades Away: Avicii & Noonie Bao, Dance

Sunset Jesus: 2015, Avicii

Hey Brother: 2013, Avicii

Waiting for love: 2015, Avicii

The Nights: 2014, Avicii (FIFA 15 Soundtrack)

Wake Me Up : 2013, Avicii

Lonely Together: 2017, Avicii & Rita Ora

Broken Arrows: 2015, Avicii , Album Stories

Game Details:

Name:Beat Legend AVICII APK
Date of release:July 23, 2020
Developer:Hello There Games / Atari,inc
Android:7.0 and later versions
Actual version:1.0
Beat Legend: AVICII game details

How to Play the Game?

Beat Legend: AVICII is expected to be loved and highly played by the fans of musical and gaming world and particularly those that prefer rhythm-based games and those that listen to EDM type of music aswell. As for the gameplay, it is a large landscape limited on each side, and the player is put in a journey where rhythm-action and reaction experience is involved and dominating. In this futuristic game, you are soaring through fantastic melodies of the beloved artist AVICII, and you need to swap and attack in this hypnotic unique journey to finish the whole song just like the following video shows:

High rhythm based gameplay

Moreover, player’s vehicles are spaceships that they guide through the landscape using touch controls and to the tune of the beats in an EDM visuals environment.

Intents and Initial Reviews about Beat Legend: AVICII

Oskar Elkund, CEO at Hello There Games says: “With ‘Beat Legend’ we have created a unique platform that combines our deep love for music and games”. Atari added that it is an honor to them to make Beat Legend: AVICII as its first game of the planned series and to use the inspirational music tracks of Tim Bergling.

How to Download Beat Legend: AVICII for Android, iOS, PC and Xbox? [APK format included]

You can download the game either apk version or not, for Android, iOS, PC and Xbox for free through our listed link below. Just follow the on-screen instructions to have the game working properly and without any problems. If not, please comment below and we would be so happy to help you.

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