Download Resident Evil Village For Android, iOS and PC

Resident Evil Village also know as the eight part of the series is going to be one of the most awesome games of 2021. The story consists of the time that passed after years of the last Resident Evil series game. Today, you can download Resident Evil for Android and iOS for free! Chris Redfield appears in the game. He takes the game main protagonist to a european village and the adventure begins against many evil characters; one of them happens to be Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, inspired from a real serial killer.

download resident evil village demo

What is Resident Evil Village: Resident Evil 8?

The next generation of survival horror rises in the form of Resident Evil Village, the eighth major entry in the Resident Evil series. Available for PC, PS4, PS5 and made by our team available to Android and ioS, Resident Evil Village represents Capcom’s homage to the survival horror classic Resident Evil 4 and later games.

As the first game for the ninth console generator, Resident Evil Village is one of the most first person awaited games of 2021 and you can download with a click exclusively on FreeGenerator!

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What is Resident Evil RE: Verse?

While Resident Evil previous games as you know were limited to offline versions. Resident Evil 8 will have a multiplayer mode which you can test from the link below (the same as the one in Download Now; both offline and online modes are merged)). It is named Resident Evil RE:Verse and will have at max six players online game. Each player will get one point as the point system will determine the duration of the play.

Furthermore, The duration will determine the playable characters and the outcome of the battle. All the points will be redeemed as virtual coins. It is unknown yet if you can change the character color or play as characters outside the current roster. For a simple tutorial, you can check out this video of the tutorial. We will let you know if any more news comes up about the game in the future. Resident Evil Village 8 download. The news comes straight from Teddie who wrote on the original sources on Reddit. To keep up with all the news about Resident Evil 8, you may want to keep visiting this page.

Adding to that, you may want to know more about Resident Evil / RE – Inspired by the highly acclaimed RE series of horror games that has captivated the world since 1996, Resident Evil™ takes players through a frightening vision of a deadly and desolate urban landscape. The horror game will have you investigating the brutal murders of your allies. You will also have to uncover a mystery of terror and lies in order to eliminate the deadliest threat the videogame world has ever seen.

How to Download Resident Evil Village for Android and iOS?

Well, you will have no longer to search for how to download Resident Evil Village. For Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox, you will hve this multi installer from the link below to work on all devices. Be ready! Now, it’s the time of the year for Resident Evil. Horror territories are your destination mate!

How to download Resident Evil for Android and iOS:

  1. Click the button above “Download Now”.
  2. Follow the instructions on the downloader/installer page.
  3. Make sure to complete all the instructions correctly!
  4. Files will be downloaded to your device.
  5. Enjoy the game to the full for free!

Resident Evil 8 Development:

The development will also bring some cool easter eggs for the game. One of them is a puzzle where you need to complete 15 cubes with 2 hearts in order to get out of a puzzle. Resident Evil Village will bring a huge gameplay with many unique elements that will ensure fun and complex gaming experience.

Now, you can download Resident Evil 8 for Android and iOS for free! Resident Evil series are here to stay. The teams are ensuring to bring new creatives ideas and keeping with the contest of the wholes series. They ensure as well to not make it boring!

resident evil 8 village demo download

Resident Evil Villages is one of the most interesting games that will be released in 2021, the whole story is ready and it will surely make a huge splash in the game. Stay tuned for more information and news about this amazing game.

Resident Evil Village APK Story:

The Beginning:

About Resident Evil Village Resident Evil Village is a prequel to Resident Evil VII. A fictional village in Japan, one day a mysterious man wearing a suit appears in the streets, attracting lots of curious locals. As you look around the Village, you will be able to learn more about some of the stranger occurrences occurring around the Village.

Paradoxal Villagers:

Learn about the Evil and unexpected creatures around the Village, including the villager of the Village, where players will start out with Leon S. Kennedy and Mari and set their path to discovering the mysteries surrounding the Village. Download Resident Evil For PC, PS4 and PS5 for free! Moreover, your focus must be on a clash between the villagers of Townsville, New Zealand and a monstrous creature they call the Evil Ranger, it takes place in a village separated from the rest of the world. Join Chris, a former military contractor, as he investigates a horrific attack and embarks on a personal mission of vengeance.

Currently seeking to introduce new type of adventure, Resident Evil Village promises the scary, disturbing survival horror experience we loved in the original. Resident Evil Village 8 download. Being both a Resident Evil 5 and 6 remake, it promises stunning environments, terrifying monsters, and of course zombies to fight. All of this is paired with a classic survival horror gameplay loop and that reigns supreme in Resident Evil Village, offering a tremendous sense of atmosphere and terror.

After Resident Evil 7 Biohazard:

Resident Evil Village is set after the events of Resident Evil VII and has many interesting characters and locations. You will learn more about Resident Evil’s past when you enter the Village, including some unexpected events that will put you in dangerous situations. Also, they may even challenge your skills as a Resident Evil player.

resident evil 8 village download

An insane monster is stealing the lives of villagers, so you are in a race to save them before it gets worse. Resident Evil Village Demo PS5 download. As the main character, you have complete all the objectives from the beginning of the game. You’ll be able to unlock some secrets around the Village. This is how to download Resident Evil VIllage for PC, PS4 and PS5 for free! Adding to that, It will be available on all consoles and will have four different chapters and features some unique storylines and events. Consequently, the online mode of the game may be a bit unbalanced between players. You know what I’m talking about…! Some of them will have advantage playing with controllers of PS4 and PS5.

It will be free-to-play. You will have a great control on how much of the storyline you’ll get to read.

Resident Evil Village 8 For ANdroid and iOS: Game Modes

As you may heard or not, the available modes are many. You will have the chance to choose from:

  • Shoot-O-Mat: One of the first free-to-play games with over 100+ items available.
  • Web Browser: This is not a game but a web browser game where you have to shoot monsters with a laser gun.
  • PvP: One of the biggest game modes with over 10 PvP arenas to find out.
  • Survival: One of the biggest survival modes on the console with 40+ survival objectives.
  • Pit: Another one of the biggest game modes with over 50 battle arenas for you to kill monsters.
  • Killer: A free-to-play game where you have to kill monsters with guns, knives and explosives to survive.
  • Mix: Many different types of fights to complete with a twist in the story.

Also, you can join the community. Together, you will be able to share some experiences, solve new puzzles and work together with your friends to be able to complete quests. You can also share with your friends: Join the community by sending a special message to your friends on the Village.

All those features and mods were tested on the files uploaded ( can be downloaded from the button above) and we can confirm they work perfectly. Stay up to date with our updates in the social media sites and support us.

What Makes Resident Evil Village APK For Android and iOS Unique?

Of course! you may have this idea in your brain. Isn’t it just another one of those Resident Evil games where you are given guns and you need to chase zombies?! Well, not this time: This game is definitely one of the most anticipated games in this decade and we think you’ll be very happy with the outcome.

While most reviews are positive, there is one out there that has serious issues with the game. From bugs to false endings, this review has it all. While we agree with the majority of the review, it is important to be aware of the possible issues of the game. Download Resident Evil Village for PS4, PS5 and PC for free! The review itself is on the off chance that there are some issues in this game. If there are, we feel that you should read the review as it will provide some background information about the issues. We urge you not to stop playing the game or purchase it if there is any chance of this game having issues. But, please note those bugs we have talked about were just temporary and are surely fixed by now! They were present in the beta version!

Test the game by yourself and decide from the link above. Free to download Resident Evil 8 for Android, iOS, PS4, PS5 and PC.

Resident Evil 8 APK: General Thoughts

Lucas Debinski, a programmer at Codemasters, shared his opinion on Resident Evil Village and confirmed that this game will take place in the village of Sanosto. Resident Evil Village Demo PS5 download. He also said that the villager would participate in the adventure with several villans.

Resident Evil VIllage might only be the next sequel of the series but a huge re-definition of horror games. Graphics, story, details, characters and environment are truly anticipated for 2021.