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Download Watch Dogs Legion Free for Android, iOS, PC and PS4!

After 4 years of the releasing of the latest game of the series, Watch Dogs: Legion is to be one of the top and most wanted games of 2020. Almost every gamer knows about Watch Dogs, and has been waiting for this one. Same as the ones before, you can do whatever you want in an open world with many characters exclusively added in this game. You will be playing in a futuristic London city with some awesome cars, weapons, details… and more importantly graphics and story. Now, you can download Watch Dogs Legion for Android and iOS easily without needing to install emulators or related softwares. Furthermore, you gotta be ready since this game is in a different level above the previous one. Much features, crazy characters, futuristic environments, multiplaying, details… and more to enjoy! Download Watch Dogs Legion full version for Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 for free now!

The Next Generation Futuristic Game: Watch Dogs Legion

What is Watch Dogs Legion APK?

It is the APK version for Android and iOS that can be downloaded from the button below. Watch Dogs Legion is the next sequel to Watch Dogs 2. In a futuristic London city, you are being controlled and monitored. Private militaries are spying on you. Privacy is no longer existent; terrorists and protestors are taking the city in chaos. Explosions, deaths, mass killing is all you can see. The whole media and government are doing high surveillance under the state name.

Story of Watch Dogs Legion for Android & iOS:

Years after the events of Watch Dogs 2, AI systems and development have been going up continuously in all the fields. As a result, many people were left unemployed. You will also notice that Londo is facing many organized crimes; thiefts taking over most of the city at night. Cryptocurrencies in Watch Dogs: Legion London expanded the poverty. During the night, you might not come alive to your home; it’s all police pursuits, thiefts and chaos.

Furthermore, groups of terrorists are targeting main departements of Britain. Zero Day is the main notable one which has succeeded in bringing the attention of DedSec to London. DedSec start investigating to find out that the group is laying explosives around the Parliament. While deactivating the explosives, Zero Day continues circling the whole city with deadly bombs. Less than 24 hours later, bombs exploded, thousands and thousands of death, the city went in chaos and DedSec is the main accused.

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Watch Dogs Legion: DedSec Group

To respond to the bombings, the British hire a private military company Albion to keep the city safe and settle down the things. Full access to the whole city systems was granted to Albion. Mass data is gathered, everyone is monitored and personal liberty is gone. Those actions pushed DedSec to go undergrounds and to the shadows. Still, DedSec continues investigating about the group that caused the bombing, and is trying to resist the surveillance. If you have already played Watchs Dogs 2, you will certainly want Watch Dogs Legion Download for Android and iOS for free. Then, you will want to continue the story of the game. Moreover and as a player, you gonna find that this game needs much more reactivity. In short, you need to be highly focused with it as it is kind of fast paced. You can see the example of the video below although it’s just a trailer:

How to Download Watch Dogs Legion for Android and iOS:

Although that the game wasn’t officially meant for mobile devices, you can easily get it running on Android and iOS. It is as simple as how to download Watch Dogs Legion on PC, and maybe you gonna find it easier. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are using Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox One or PC. This installer is cross-device and will work on all the platforms as explained above. What you need to get the game working flawless is to follow the steps below:

After you click the button above “DOWNLOAD NOW”:

  1. Follow all the steps and complete the verifications needed until the game files start downloading.
  2. Open the game installer.
  3. Follow the wizard instructions to install the game.
  4. Enjoy the new Watch Dogs game!

Moreover, you actually don’t need anymore to ask the question if can you download Watch Dogs Legion on Android and iOS because you won’t find any clear answers. To clear this up, when you download the game installer above, it will install the files depending your device. Of course, only the ones necessary to run Watch Dogs Legion APK for Android and iOS. Still, if you happen to face any problems, don’t hesitate to put your query down below; we would be happy to help you throught the whole process.

Furthermore, you must not search for any other alternatives for the game. As download Watch Dogs free can be done exclusively on FreeGenerator!

Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay

You may have already asked: what is the difference between Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs: Legion or if there is anything unique in the last one. To start off, you actually need to try to judge; we can easily judge it is a very good game and might one of the top of 2020!

Watch Dogs Legion Police Pursuits

As the previous one, you going to be playing an action & adventure, third person game in an open world environment. As you might have already known, the city is going to be a futuristic London. For instance, if you are from or have been to London, then brace yourself: the game is completely giving a feeling like if you are in the real world London. I mean the landmarks, cultural design and building, parliaments, palaces and places…etc, everything is well detailed.

If you want to discover the city, you can either go by foot, use vehicules: plenty of them are in the game or by subways and similar transport services. Still, many other things are unlocked during the game. However, if you are already in the DedSec team. Then, you might want to stay in the shadows because Albion military is doing mass surveillance.

Also, you will be playing in open world environment, so you can perform the missions whenever you want. How to do the missions is given to you to decide, and there are many choices: Either use weapons, combat features, deadly weapons or your abilities to get into controlling drones, cars…etc. Similarly, you can discover the hidden things in the city that might help you in your missions.

Multi Characters Feature:

Unlike Watch Dogs 2, you gonna be controlling a roster of highly skilled individuals. You can choose every character from your roster and play with it. Many will find this as a good feature for diversity. You want to go to the parts of London, find those people and hire them under DedSec. Of course, it won’t be easy to get them in the group. For every character you hire, you need to perform a special mission assigned to them depending on their special skills. Now, when you have a bunch of character, every single one of them will have a life. You might find them at the pub or the bar. Yes! this approach is to make the game as much realistic as possible.

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Almost Real Experience: Deadly Pursuits To Survive

For instance, you should always quit the mission when your character cannot survive. Because if you don’t, this characters will be permanently dead; meaning you won’t have the ability to play with it again.

Competetive and Teams Gameplay:

Now, before you go to download Watch Dogs Legion free for Android/iOS, you want to know that there is actually a multiplayer features in the game. Without much words, you gotta know that this is will be one of the best online games. I mean,: image yourself playing with your friend during a mission in the London of this game, simply fabulous!

Of course, this multiplayer mode can also allows you to have team vs. team games along with the cooperative ones. Moreover, if you join a cooperative game to complete some mission with your friend, you can continue on the progress you have saved in the single player mode.

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Singleplayer and Multiplayer Modes At Once

Watch Dogs Legion APK for Android and iOS: General Thoughts

If we have to decide what is the best Android/iOS game of 2020, we are simply going to say Watch Dogs Legion. Well, you can simply search Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2, and you gonna see how they made their years awesome. Now, you have the opportunity to download Watch Dogs Legion full version for free! You are going to enjoy playing one of the most artistic and futur games. The developers have made it well detailed and fabulous environment. Adding to that, I can’t imagine the efforts put in to not only make it familiar for London natives, but also to take it to the next level of futur.