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FaceApp Pro APK Download Free – Mod 3.13.3 Unlocked

Have you ever wanted to do some editing to your face? Like: making yourself younger, older or maybe after 70 years? But, you have no clue how to do it; Man! Photoshop is hard… hundreds of features. Then, no more worries! FaceApp helps you to do all the necessary editing that you might think of along with extra features. Moreover, you can now download FaceApp PrO APK for Android and iOS exclusively with all its features to have everything unlocked for free.

faceapp pro apk
FaceApp: The User Friendly Editing Tool

What is FaceApp Pro APK?

If you don’t this app already, then, brace yourself; you are about to discover the single lightweight and user friendly tool to make yourself old, young, with a moustache or a beard and even change your gender. Basically, it’s madeness with FaceApp Pro APK 2020. With few swipes over your screen, you can use FaceApp AI to improve your selfie quality or just make it more funnier. For instance, you have many features varying from necessary to secondary:

Quality Selfies and Photos:

Do you have a picture which quality is just too low ? or maybe you took it a time ago when you didn’t have beard or with no makeup ? Still, you wish if you had them because the picture was just taken during a trip and you want to share it? And of course, you don’t know how to use complicated editing tools. Then, FaceApp AI Photo Editor Pro APK will take care of your selfie, you can simply add a beard, moustache, Hollywood-like makeups and more. Just to give you the idea check this one:

faceapp pro apk download
Add a Beard and even a Moustache if You Want to Try Later Growing Them

Man! this is crazy! You just can see if a beard is going to fit you or not. Same goes for the makeups for girls.

Maybe, you want to change your hair color in a professional way; believe me! Everyone will think you did a hair dye. Stil, you want to know more about FaceApp Pro APK Latest, check those features then:

  • Change environment: day, night, forest and similar effects.
  • Change face features: smile, sad, angry…etc with a tap.
  • Background: modify background image in a professional way.
  • Extra tools: blur effects, color …etc

Extra Functionalities For Fun:

You don’t care about above features? All you want is just some fun to share with friends and family? Well, FaceApp Pro APK latest has some features for you as well. Easily, you can see how you would have looked like if you had been a girl or maybe a boy.

Have You Ever Wondered How Would You Have Looked Like If… ?

Not enough? So, you might want to let the AI decide which hairstyle will fits you better. Also, I believe that FaceApp Pro APK 3.13.3 would add some tattoos to your face and change the color of your skin. Furthermore, with FaceApp Pro MOD you can simply share the outcome of your art with your friends on Facebook, Twitter… etc.

Let the Photo Editor AI Decide which Hairstyle is Better!

Age Feature:

Oh! those ideas when you are asking yourself: am I going to be ugly when I get old?! Well, you don’t need to wait; use the feature age and see yourself after 40 years or maybe only 2 years from now.

faceapp pro apk with everything unlocked
Highly Detailed Age Feature


Oh! Let’s not forget; whenver a face editing app comes to the light, we gotta worry about our privacy and all that stuff. Well, you are right!

Although FaceApp ( developed by Wireless Lab ) is very famous and unlikely to break its privacy policies, we have developed our own integrated mod ( downloaded and installed automatically with the app from above ), which will make all your data, photos and everything stored on your own phone. Yep! as soon as you make your art, communication with Wireless Lab servers is cut.

App Details:

The app was developed by FaceApp Inc and is compatible with all iOS and Android version. Neverthless, you do need an Android device newer than version 5.0 for good performance. It is a paid photography app but you can download the full PRO version of it from the button below. It is so lightweight and the version you are going to download is the latest ( updated regularly )

How To Download FaceApp Pro APK Latest Full Version 2020:

Now, after you have knew the potential of this app and maybe decided to take a professional selfie with it, or just some fun editing? In all cases, download FaceApp Pro APK with everything unlocked for free.

Download & Installing Steps:

After you click the button above, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow all the steps until the files start downloading.
  2. Install the file and then open it.
  3. Congratulations! You have FaceApp PRO Full Version for Free.

FaceApp Pro APK 2020 Thoughts:

Not need to talk about how much is FaceApp popular. Since its first launch, the app has more than 100 million active installs. Nevertheless, you can’t do much with the free app because of the limitations. Sooner or later, you will find yourself forced to pay for the PRO version. To fix this, we have come with FaceApp Pro MOD APK which will let’s you use all the features of the app without those limitations.

From a techincal point of view, most of us are just not able to use complicated tools. Yes! I’m talking about Photoshop and similar ones. Therefore, FaceApp is really so useful and helpful when you just need to edit rapidly. Changing background with a swipe is a good thing to save time along with the other above details.

FaceApp Pro APK 2020: Selfie Cam

If you are still not convined about FaceApp Pro yet. Then, you definitely need to know about the selfie cam feature. To make it short, you simply can switch between dozens of ways and modes to take a stunning selfie.

After that, you can either use FaceApp AI face editor Pro APK latest version or do manual editing yourself so you can always be the best you are in your pictures.

Latest Updates To FaceApp AI Photo Editor Pro Apk:

We have noticed some bugs and problems when using the Photo Editor for free. Therfore, and in order to save you from paying for the monthly price of the app. FaceApp Pro MOD Apk will make it easy for you to get everything working correctly. Furthermore, we have managed to integrate other softwares functionalities in the app to make the pictures look more professional. Also, you can output and import images from all formats like .webp which needs in other cases dedicated softwares to convert them.

Thousands Of Ways To Look Great:

What you need really to know is that FaceApp PRO free is not only to make some designs or to have fun. But, this app can amazingly help you to have a good style. The AI is just too sophisticated and as soon as you upload your selfie, it will study your face and take care of all its shape related things. This impression tool will just turn your face to a greak looking one from Hollywood house. Either a girl or a boy, results are just amazing! It’s just like a professional makeup person suggesting to you the best elements to take care of in your face for free.

NOTE: All PRO features are unlocked for free, watermarks are removed and all filters to pictures are applied.