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FL Studio Mobile Apk Free Download [Obb 3.1]

Since many people became inclined to music creation and production, many EDM sofwares were developed wih user friendly interfaces making it simple for anyone to add, swipe and play with things to make his own musical tracks. FL Studio Mobile Apk comes in the first position in ters of being easy to use and offering many features.

However, the EDM music app is paid and contains many in-app purchases which is not what you dear users wants. Therefore, FreeGenerator team offered this FL Studio Mobile Apk Free Download & Install software for Android, iOS, Windows and other devices.

FL Studio Mobile: Heads To Speakers

What is FL Studio Mobile Apk?

It is an audio/music creation software developed for Android, iOS and Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platform). This software offers many functionalities and allows complete multi-tracks projects. And it is likely you gonna like it because of the friendly interface, easy options and included tutorials. Fl Studio Mobile is offering various features in the simplest way to create your own digital tracks. Also, it is compatible with almost every device system and works without requiring any minimum specs.

However, the program is paid and combines many in-app purchases content. You might not need it anyways because you wanna upload your own music to edit on it. Nevertheless, it is worthy to mention that you can download Fl Studio Mobile Apk for free and the paid premium content as well. You can do so by following the instructions below.

FL Studio Mobile Details:

The program was developed by Image-Line in 2011, and has been updated in 2019 (the latest stable release). You can use in English only with Android +3.2, iOS +8 and Windows Phone +8.1. The app is 11 MB size and has more than 500 000 installs. Many people complain that after they bought the app it doesn’t work on either Huawei Psmart Pro or Xiaomi devices, so you better download it from below to see how it works. Also, you can be sure that our installer is cross-device built; so it is unlikely not work on any Android/iOS based system.

Furthermore, you can choose what version of the program to download. As you might already know, there are many music apps out there. But, in term of good and easy details, you gotta put Fl Studio Mobile Apk 3.1 91 in the top of your list.

FL Studio Mobile Apk Free Download:

You can easily download and install FL Studio Mobile Apk 1.3 2 Android and ios free full version. All you have to do:

  1. Click the button and follow the instructions
  2. Install the app
  3. Continue with the paid premium tracks or upload your own preferred ones.

You may already know that creating a full track with so many instruments involved is quite diffucult. Also, many youngsers became highly interested in music recently. So, to make it short, this audio studio program is the solution. Once you use it a few times, it is easy to create highly professional songs/tracks same as playing the AFK Arena game.

In a similar way, you may not find a single music person who doesn’t know about FL Studio, as it is not only catchy but also exciting and kind of familiar to create music on your own. Adding to that, you may heard that only amateur and semi-professional people use, but this is not true as many successful EDM fans are using it as well.

Obviously, you gonna now: why should I use FL Studio Mobile Apk + Obb? Well, there are two simple reasons:

  • Easy to use: No hard, complicated interfaces with useless features.
  • Highly customizable: All the necessary (& more) features happen to be in the app.

Those two things might be the sole reason that pushed FL Studio to the top. That’s because most of other apps do never combine both of them: you either find a hard to use or with no features at all audio creation app.

Features Of Fl Studio Android & iOS:

Coming to the features of the app, you will find that they are unlimited. Yes, simple as that: the software is highly customizable. You can go from adding simple drum sounds to a whole studio effects. Beats, drums…etc are all high quality and real time, which means they keep repeating in loops. There are many effects available in-app and you can also add your own ones. In fact, you can program the beats in the way that fits you, save and use them later in other projects. Here are some other features as well:

  • All virtual pads, piano, drums…etc can be customized.
  • Single tracks and multi-tracks can be played and mixed.
  • You can record your own voice or external audio easily.
  • All mixing effects are included in the installer (free and paid).
  • You can edit piano playing and sound level while playing.
  • Screen resolution adapter: fits your screen and show all the side controls.
  • Export supports almost every format: (MP3, WAV …)
  • FL Studio projects can be saved, loaded and shared between devices using the plugin version.
  • You can share your projects using Wifi with others easily.
  • The app runs on Chromebook and similar devices with an adjusted resolution.
Limiteless Features To Create Your Music!

You can now easily download and install FL Studio Mobile for MacOS, Windows Phone and all other devices, and edit/create the music you like the most. Talking about some of the other features, the audio creation software also has:

Available Instruments:

FL Studio Mobile Apk 2020 offers so many instruments to ensure a good variety of sounds which are more than 200. The first version had 133 categorized in jazz, electronic, EDM, … etc. However, if you are running an old version of iOS, it is unlikely to have a lot of options for instruments due to VST plugins.


You have a disposal of effects with the installer (you can download it above). Special sounds, delays, speeding up, equalizing and simulators are all there. You either use them on a part of the track or for the entire project.

Audio/Songs Editing:

This is a simple feature for those who want to do light editing over tracks. With this one, you can simply record a voice saying your name and mix it with a popular song; a fascinating feature. Of course, you can do it with a couple of clicks, and not like the complicated softwares like the YouTube Vanced iOS.

To make it clear, all other features have been tested on several devices and they are working perfectly. If you don’t already know some of them, we are talking about: the piano editor, importing and exporting, keyboard, the suequencer, … etc.

FL Studio Mobile 3:

If you are wondering what version we have on our installer, and wether the latest features and functions are included or not. This one uploaded is FL Studio Mobile APK Obb (3), and it has all the features and some other added ones.

Regarding output and exporting, after you finish the creation of your track. Actually, you can just save it as a project on your device, and edit it later whenever you want to. Also, audio quality is not a problem; most of music creation softwares do output in a very good quality. But in case you want to save your music in some of the formats, and to share it with your friends, all you have to do is to save it as one of the readable formats.

Readable forms supported by FL Studio Mobile Apk Free Download Full Version 2020 (click the button above to install it) are MP3, WAV and FLAC.

FL Studio Mobile APK 1.3 2 Android: General Thoughts

fl studio mobile apk download
FL Studio Mobile: Customize Easily!

You can be sure that this also supports FL Studio Mobile iOS and works perfectly on it. This software is quite interesting and exciting to use. You can become a professional producer thanks to it.

Moreover, it brings some kind of gameplay vibes; it’s like you are playing a good game. You are simply uploading music tracks and songs and edit over them, or you can use it fully and create your own easily. That’s what makes it different that the rest of the category apps and softwares.

To conclude, if you are interested in those kinds of apps, FL Studio Mobile APK 3.1 91 is the way to go, and we highly recommend it for both amateurs and professionals.