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Godus Mod Apk/iOS For Android and iPhone

After the huge succes that Populous has achieved, Peter Molyneux has developed Godus that goes in the same concepts of his previous games; an environment where the player is the god of a whole civilization controlling every aspect of its societies and activities, using Belief and Gems as the main things/tools to keep his sovereignty over his civilization in this fabulous game. To guarantee a good gameplay, Godus Mod Apk has been developed as well and it constantly being updated same as Godus Apk by 22Cans to ensure its functionalities of delivering the resources needed by the players for both Android and iOS (PC version is also included in the mod in despite of the fact that the game: PC version is no longer updated) such as Godus Mod Apk unlimited Belief and Gems. That’s mainly because many users are facing issues/limitations on the items cited above.

Godus Apk: A God Experience

What is Godus APK/iOS?

Godus is a sandbox, god game genre, single player game that was developed by Pete Malyneux and 22Cans, and published by DeNA. It was released firstly on Windows and OS X as an early access of Godus PC version, which currently doesn’t receive any updates as there is no one left to work on it. Later, Godus Mod Apk Android and Godus Mod Apk iOS were released. It is also worthy to mention that Godus is the winner of App Store Best of 2014 and is currently ranking 132 in Strategy games.

Godus App Details:

Platform:Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Fire OS
Genre:God game
Size:52 MB
Installs (on Android):+10 millions
Rating:4.6 in App Store and 4.2 in Google Play
Age:+7 (Due to some minimum violence)
In-app purchases:Yes (note needed for Godus mod apk android)

Godus APK Gameplay:

Although Godus is a god game which might makes you think by intuition that you are gonna control the world from the sky, and see everything happening and all of that stuff, it is not like you think. Pete Molyneux keeps it in the same way that he developed all of his previous games; the way that took Populous the spiritual ancestor of Godus.

Your first “mission” is saving a woman and a man that are drowning referring to the first parents of humanity. Then, you need to take them to a safe land called The Promised Land where they could live, and help each other. They build tents to live in, work, eat, sleep and more. Your population will grow more and more through the ages, something you can do by exploring the world and analyzing where you need to install new societies. However, you also as a god want the populations to worship you. In order to do that, you need to build special houses for this purpose.

Full Overview Of Your Lands And Whole Words At The Same Time

What makes the game entertaining and prevent it from being boring is that you are going to be rewarded with card; cards that give you epic powers, special abilities and control of your followers. But, if you are not that kind of person that likes to wait, you can easily grab all those features using this Godus Mod Apk/iOS for both Android and iOS just like the AFK Arena Mod APK that was released before in the same game category.

Moreover, some of the game limitations or better to call them challenges is that not every land can be populated, but you as a god can make it. You first need the unlimited Belief resource. Then, you use some quantities of it to design the land level. Adding to that, you can explore other worlds to expand your followers among them; you can do that using the ships you find.

Features of Godus Mod iOS:

Basically, anything that you might need to collect/purchase in the game is available in this mod that can be downloaded and installed automatically. The mod doesn’t change any files, and you can easily uninstall it through the game options that it creates. Here are some of the Godus Mod features that you might want to check prior to installing it:

Offers unlimited Belief
Offers unlimited Gems
Free and you don’t need to purchase anything from the game after installing it
Safe (Scanned and keeps your progress in the game untouched)
Easy to use (Friendly user interface that contains eveything)
Updated automatically
Roots, jailbreakrs and others things are not needed
Can be downloaded and installed automatically
Works on Android and iOS
Godus Mod Apk is Undetectable on Android and iOS
godus mod apk 2020
New Multiple-Menus: More Control

With those features and many more that you are gonna discover in this mod, your whole gameplay experience in Godus APK will change. You play a God that has the full abilities and not only the ones that the game gives you, and asks you later to pay to get more resources. You have the power, energy, creating and imagination functionalities to create a world in Godus Apk to thrive and prosper for the sake of your followers. Then, this world runs as you please.

Godus Mod Apk: Unlimited Belief & Gems

However, it is also possible to extend the lands of your population using Godus Mod unlimited gems features. To do this, you simply need to:

  1. Download & install the mod
  2. Activate the gems tool and add +50k in the amount
  3. Use them to get more lands
  4. Activate the Belief tool and add +20k in the amount
  5. Use it to increase your lands levels
  6. Populate those lands
  7. Expand this to the other worlds

Moreover, without the mod; your only source of Belief is your followers. That means you are gonna take ages to even establish your original world. Therefore, this mod simply let you get the Belief you want in a single action or you can choose the option to make Belief depending on the site you spend building the civilization. Also, the cards that you get through your Omni God journey in the game can be easily claimed in the mod Cards tool. The mod offers you to get any card you want. But, it is necessary to mention that as long as the Godus app is updated, some cards might not work, and you need to wait for some hours so the Godus Mod APK update itself.

From another perspective, you the god of many worlds won’t go through life without problems and hassles. You also gonna face challenges and issues through the coming darkest ages of all times. Firstly, your followers will need you to make them believe. And you have to choose the right actions, words and phenomena to achieve that. Therefore, the more you take the right actions, the more your people believe in you and prosper.

Godus APK: Game Features

Epic Gameplay Using The Latest Undetectable Godus Mod From FreeGenerator

Godus app will offer you a very unique experience as the god of a people that you need to take care of and guide to your way. Yes, it is a simulation game of another level; your world is living and breathing. As a god, you can design the lands the way you want them to be:

  • Mine the lands
  • Craft the landscapes
  • Sculpt every inch of them so they become habitable zones

Firstly, you can watch your followers learn, eat, sleep and keep an eye on every aspect of their lives. Secondly, you need to do your obligations towards them starting from building to spreading happiness. Thirdly, you have to pursue humanity through the ages; from their own beginning as primitives to unlocking technologies. And finally, you can relax and let your people discover the mysteries of the sandbox you created for them.

Nevertheless, you as a god need to intervene. Sometimes, your people might not do as you like, and here you have the choice; to be a cruel god by throwing meteors and starting chaos to have them to fear you or to have compassion with them. It all comes down to the situation and you.

How to Download Godus Mod APK/iOS:

It is true that you can play this best god game without any mod and still enjoy it. But, due to the heavy tasks that the contradicting concept create such as building houses, tents…etc for your followers to live, and even feeding them, you need Godus Mods so you can do all those heavy tasks in your Promised Lands with one swipe in your iPhone or Android.

godus mod apk unlimited gems
Building Homes For Your Followers Easily

Furthermore, you gonna need this mod most when you are playing online (and even offline sometimes) and doing Voyages. Just to make it clear, Voyages are adventures you send some of your people into to discover new worlds. Your followers might not agree with you about those trips or they simple get stuck, consequently, they will turn on you when you need them the most. With this mod, you can simply add more Belief and they will trust you and get back to their work.

More Belief To Your Followers Simply By A Click

In fact, Voyages are so dangerous and can cause deadly chaos for you and your people, so you have to create determined paths for them to prevent disagreements. For instance, your followers will likely think about themselves as controlled, something you can’t really remove from their heads with words. Eventually, you will need more gems to do so.

In the same way, when you are playing online, given about one hundred of space, you are not the God of the whole planet; you will face other gods if you keep expanding. So, you can cooperate with them to make the world beautiful heaven or start a war and take over their lands in this best god game ever!

How to Install Godus Mod for iOS:

Finally, and after downloading the mod, all you have to do is to open the installer. Then, it will take care of everything. To conclude, everything is done automatically, so you can play this awesome game in your ease.

General Thoughts About Godus Apk Mod:

This game is quite amazing and innovative; it actually differs from the other ones by making you as a god work for your people. Also, with the mod for ios, you can simply speed time so you can see how it evolves. Those contradicting facts presented by Pete Molyneux might actually be the reason why this game is so unique.

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Destroying Worlds In A Blink Of An Eye

Although the game has received some critics, it has some good reviews on both Google Play and Apple Store. Yet, it has more than 10 millions installs on Play Store alone.

Overall, if you are looking for a god game experience. Then, search no more; Godus is actually the best one to give you this experience especially with the fact that there are not so many games in this genre.