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As the new My City Wildlife Camping game has been released lately, many people wanted to get it fast along with the my city wildlife camping apk mod for free. Therefore, we have come with this My City Wildlife Camping Apk installer so you can enjoy the game with having to pay a dime.

My City: Wildlife Camping The New Adventurous Game Of 2020

What is My City: Wildlife Camping ?

My City: Wildlife Camping is a new educational and simulating game made by My Town Games and it is specialy for kids between 6 and 12 years old. The game is paid and can be bought at $0.99, and it can be found only on Android platform, but thanks to our team and sophisticated my wild life camping free installer, you can get the game out of charge and for all the platforms: PC, Android, iOS, PS 4, Xbox, Xbox One. The game was originaly release on the July 17, 2020.

What are My City: Wildlife Camping propreties and details ?

Although that our installer bypass those basic details and system requirements of the game to expand them to work on whatever platform no matter if it is old or new, you can see the original details below:

Name:My City: Wildlife Camping
Developer:My Town Games Ltd
Release Date:July 17, 2020
Current Version:1.0.1
Requires Android:4.4 and up ( can run on any android with our installer )
Play Store ID:mycity.campingvacation
My City: Wildlife Camping Details

Is My City: Wildlife Camping educational game only ?

In despite of the fact that the game devloper has declared the game as a part of the educational category, but it also belongs to the adventurous and entertaining category, something that comes directly from the definition of a game. You will experience this once you get in the jungle with the animals. You can see a simple gameplay here:

My City: Wildlife Camping HD Gameplay

What is the story of My City: Wildlife Camping ?

It all stars with you dear player being equipped with camping needs ( a tent, water, food.. ), then you have to get your sleeping bag, some extraordinary hat for aesthetic purposes and you head to the jungles and forst home of wildlife to have some memorable and customizable camping depending on your choices and imagination. In this unique game, My Town Games has managed to keep the special vibe that it always integrated in its games; you get the opportunity to create your very own camping adventure and story without any limitations.

Also, your camping adventure is not limited to you only to the point that you go to the forest alone in the night, but the game is too fantastic to be in horror categories, you can invite your friends and family members that you create yourself to come with you to your camping story.

Moreover, there are many things that you can do in your adventure starting from fixing your tent and getting water from places near you to eating food. Also, you can find hidden temples and secrets in the game, go to fish, eating natural food of the forest after you select it carefully to not get poisoned, canoeing and you need aswell to watch out for the dangerous animals in the jungles such as the bears. My City: Wildlife Camping provides you with a lot of locations, activities and features to let your imagination takes over the whole adventure.

What are the features of My City: Wildelife Camping ?

Adding to the magnificant story of the game, you dear player can interact with a plenty of objects in the game such the cute animals and the savage ones aswell to protect yourself, and you have the choice to either play as a camper, an explorer of the jungles and many other options you can find in the game characters selector. Also, you get to play in a massive area that is formed primaly from the forest, the lake and the huge ancient temple that you should watch out for its traps and reveal disguised treasures that you can trade for money when you come back to the city, and you can find hidden things to discover articles, gems and keys to open more and more of the game functions aswell.

Adding to that, this game is for kids to be more create doing what they like which is playing, the whole My City: Wildelife Camping world is fully interactive, you can interact with whatever you see in the game with a touch of your device. You role-play your very own story that contains highly detailed locations and characters. And wether you are a 6 years old or 12 years old or older, you gonna find it easy, relaxing and exciting to play.

Moreover, My City: Wildlife Camping are not to end here, but there are more and more you gonna discover: the game has 8 new and well detailed locations to layout your story, 20 characters are in your own character selector and the options are endless, you play in a stress free world where playability has no limits, there are not ads; something that everyone wants and you don’t pay anything at all thanks to your free my city wildlife camping apk downloader and installer. Last but not least, you can connect the game with other My Ciry games to share characters and stories between your accounts on every game.

NOTE: you can play together with your friends and family on the same screen as the game supports multi touching. Just compare My City: Wildlife Camping features with old My Town games and judge yourself through this video:

My City: Animal Shelter Game Features

How To Download My City: Wildlife Camping APK For Android & iOS ?

You can download and install my city wildlife camping apk automatically through our new -all systems supported- installer. You can easily download and install it in a blink of an eye through the link listed below.

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