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Pixel Car Racer Hack iOS & Mod APK

While many want to get the last generation gaming machines to run their high end graphics released games, Pixel Car Racer find its way to the top of mobile games with what might be described by crappy graphics and soundtracks. But, in fact Studio Furukawa – developers of the game – are willing to revive the oldschool arcade retro nostalgia with its simple gameplay and stunning, detailed graphics, all supported by a smooth gaming experience. To make the game better, we have developed Pixel Car Racer Hack iOS to get unlimited money, resources and upgrades. We have also a Pixel Car Racer Mod APK to make it pretty awesome for Android as well. You will definitely enjoy this simple game to the max!

What is Pixel Car Racer?

Pixel Car Racer is a new arcade style game where you can play as a car customizer in this sleek, retro style racer. Run around and smash up the city streets. Do your own thing. Build a custom car from the ground up. Automate your ride to do amazing stunts. Set your course for the top.

Game Features

In this game, you can practice your derby moves and don’t let your opponents drag you down. Each garage is a world for you to build your ride! The sounds and music from past arcade games. Race your way through the city to build your dream garage. Drive your bike, track down loot, smash bricks and throw paint at a ton of cars. Compete with other players to show off your car and see where you stand in the racing community. Snap a selfie with your favorite car or truck and share it with all of your friends. Compete against your friends and the computer for best time and highest score. Celebrate every victory, even the ones that might not have happened the way you wanted them. Finish your rides and see where your car ends up on the leaderboard! Find it on Play Store.

How to start Pixel Car Racer?

Users can get this game in the Google Play Store. It is currently available for Android devices with 4.0 and above. It is also available in 16 international languages. Pixel Car Racer was funded on Kickstarter back in 2013. The game was created with the help of game developer level 9, which is now a studio in Asia-Pacific (Singapore). It will really makes you feel like a child again and get your old memories back.

Just download the game from Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store for free and install it. After that, you will be shown an intro movie with a graphic familiar to old game consoles. After the theme song of the game plays, the game starts. While driving you will be able to turn left or right by pressing on the touchscreen and checking traffic on the road, power-ups will be shown on your dashboard.

When playing the game you will receive an electronic car key. Simply press it on the screen in a second and the car key will be automatically activated. To start driving, simply press it again in a second. The game will display a percentage of your score and show you how fast you are running through the race.

For the other hardware – well, it will take you 10-15 minutes to actually get up and running but you won’t get bored at all with its first level. It actually challenges you with a couple of battles and a thrilling racer and after completing it you will probably get scared with its one of the last arena races, where you have to clear over 30 racers to get back the missile but not actually get the shot.

How to Download Pixel Car Racer Hack iOS/Pixel Car Racer MOD APK

You can easily download and install the Pixel Car Racer Hack iOS to make your gameplay easier and much more joyful from below. Still don’t know why you need it? or a new player? Then, read below the countless reasons. From the button below, you can download also the Pixel Car Racer Mod APK as it will deploy the installer depending on your device.

  1. Click the button above and follow all the instructions.
  2. After you download the files, install them.
  3. Activate the Hack/MOD when you need it & Enjoy.
  4. Guess now that you won’t be asking how to hack Pixel Car Racer iOS anymore.

Features and Modifications to The Game

Before you get started, download and install the Pixel Car Racer Mod: APK & iOS Mod for Android from above. It’s a solid game in its own right, giving players a lot of fun. However, the mobile version is not a perfect representation of the game on the desktop, especially if you want to be in the driver’s seat while you play. If you are completely new to racing games, give the game a shot to see how fun it really is.

The Pixel Car Racer mod, with its diverse and customizable features, is definitely a crowd pleaser. However, the developer has made sure to keep its game as playable as possible. So, when it comes to customizing your vehicle, you won’t need to spend hours getting your hands dirty. All you have to do is go to the Mods Page and click on the right-hand side to find mods for your Pixel Car Racer in game. Most of them can be easily installed and uninstalled without any issues. All those features make the game so stunning and pretty attracting.

Game Requirements and Premium Features ( Without Hack/Mod)

It should be noted that there are many things you will need to pay for to get the most out of Pixel Car Racer, which is why it is very important to be a member of the Pixel Car Racing community if you want to have some serious competition in the game. Of course, there are plenty of other modes where you can just chill, play random races, and collect in-game rewards for your progress. However, if you have no intention of spending real-world money to get even more out of the game, you might find that Pixel Car Racer’s free-to-play model is not as appealing.

Without the MOD/Hack, you need to pay for such a customization

The ability to collect rewards and unlock new vehicles, items, and outfits is nice, and being able to race against other gamers for free while you wait for your arcade match to finish is quite alluring. However, while the presentation of Pixel Car Racer is top notch, the game could stand to improve upon the number of things that hinder its ability to captivate you from the start. You can download Pixel Car Racer MOD APK and Pixel Car Racer Hack iOS for free from above. The power-ups that appear throughout the game do not always impact gameplay in the most constructive ways, and the depth of the gameplay is severely lacking. The arcade racing action can be exciting at times, but once you start to engage in the deep and challenging battles, you will start to have some serious competition, even if you do not spend real-world money

For those reasons; Pixel Car Racer MOD APK and Pixel Car Racer Hack iOS come to fix those issues and let you enjoy the full experience.

Pixel Car Racer Gameplay

With Pixel Car Racer, you control a self-driven car over colorful racing tracks, dodging obstacles, avoiding destruction or smashing into other cars. A main theme of the game is to reach the goal of the race. Your objective is to make it to the next red light by following the high score players who have already arrived at the exit.

In Pixel Car Racer, you will be racing against professionel players. You have to beat them to win and get the big prize. Moreover, if you download Pixel Car Racer hack iOS, money and level passes will be no problem to you anymore. Also, all the dozens if not hundreds of features to upgrade and modify your car are unlocked with Pixel Car Racer Mod APK. Each modification costs one of three boosters, which are available at the beginning of each race.

Additionally, you can invite your friends and the manager of iGamership to join the race, and they will also have different game settings that will give you the chance to see how much you have improved your performance by playing with them. In fact, without MOD, you will never ask again how to hack Pixel Car Racer iOS. In the game, you will be racing in 16 different races of different categories: Realistic, Custom, Wacky, Time Trial, Heart Rate Mod, All-Time and Virtual Races. The second booster booster gives you extra power to boost your real-life game performance.

Meanwhile, every time you visit the garage, you can modify your car by deleting some parts or changing some parts that were removed. The amount of space you can take in the garage is also changed according to the quality of your car and the player who placed the fastest time at the end of a race. Finally, what you might want to know is that the MOD is free for everyone.

Mobile Version Characteristics

On mobile you have a racing wheel (like for arcade classics) to use while you’re driving your car around the racetrack. Most gameplay features like banking, braking, drifting, steering, drifting during crashes and more are supported. By keeping things simple, there’s nothing to overthink, and making your decisions almost intuitive, you should be fine in the end. While it might be overly simple for some, we know the Pixel Car Racer has been a delight for plenty of people over the years.

The Variety of Upgrades and Gamemodes

With Pixel Car Racer, you don’t have to suffer from those annoying bugs that some other racing games suffer from, which makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play. And when you are looking to get your adrenaline pumping, Pixel Car Racer is probably the most addictive racing game out there.

Moreover, you can change the RPM and ECU values to enhance your car’s performance, to achieve the top speed of the leaderboard. Other upgrades can boost your engine efficiency to increase engine speed for better racing performance, while a few offer a personal advantage that can help you win more races. The list of modable parts is huge, making the game one of the best game titles you can download.

Some upgrades, like increasing the vehicle’s fuel or boosting its frame to create a larger vehicle frame, are even supposed to change the balance of power between the player and the vehicle. The player has much higher advantage during races.


Aside from the online racing and customization modes, Pixel Car Racer has more than 50 cars to choose from. The game has a large variety of maps that showcase various locations such as deserts, snowy areas, desert and more. There’s no shortage of nice locations to race, but the game is yet to come out with its full version.

Overall, Pixel Car Racer offers gamers an engaging game with fun graphics that’ll give them a realistic feeling while racing. Regardless of whether the game is played offline or online, Pixel Car Racer is a nice addition to an already cool racing game space. With the potential of online racing experience and more than 50 cars to choose from, Pixel Car Racer offers an impressive package that’s worth playing once, for sure. Some other upgrades include launching rockets into the air and flipping over, so it would be great if players make the most of these goodies.

Pixel Car Racer Reviews

“An absolute must have for all racer fans out there. Classic version too!” – Cool Videos & Reviews

 “This game is the coolest one on iPhone yet, a new runner for those who want a big old racing game on their device.” – MonsterUSA

“From the publisher of Burnout Paradise and another racer for the iPhone and iPod, Monstermobile Racer is a must have for all Apple fans and racers out there.” – Mobiguzzy