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All users personal information such as name, first one, last one, or the middle one, surname, date of birth, location, telephone number, email address or any other one that can be identified as personal information hereinafter as referred to anyone is being protected. do inform all users that any of the personal information listed above is not to be used by any other party rather than the website itself to improve the browsing quality, and this is not likely to change – and if so, the users will be informed immediately if any third party wants to be involved.

Storing Data is highly secure due to the drastic measures that have been taken to protect the users information to ensure confidentiality; therefore may user any other program to ensure the security. However, does not take any responsability or liability by anyway if the user information is damaged or passed to third hands parties as a result of attacks on teh website / system in spite of the security measures.

User information is only to be modified by the user himself; so any other one cannot access other users information to modify it or to update it. Although, < a href=””></a> can update, modify and delete these information on user demand.

It is possible for the website to use the stored data for marketing, quality and browsing improving, measuring activities, promotion, advertising and to be shared with Group companies and partners on users demand, as well as to develop the user experience and to conduct the website actions in a better way.


In rare cases, the users personal information can be shared with judicial and administrative institutions along with the Privacy Policy. This is to be done in accordance to the requests or any other kind of notices that the judicial and administrative instituions may send.

A user personal information may be used with the other user, if necessary, to help identify and fix the process, as well as helping the ties of communication.

In the purpose of statistical, research, improving and quality informations, may use other technical programs. The users has the right to block this program by changing browser related settings if they feel any need to do so.

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