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Till we started thinking that it will never happen, Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro have finally launched the most awesome board game to download The Game of Life 2 on both iOS and Android. The game can be bought at $3,99 USD, but thanks to our FreeGenerator team you can easily download game of life 2 free and without any hassle as you follow the described instructions.

The Game of Life 2 App
A new world and life is waiting for you

What is The Game of Life 2?

The Game of Life 2 is the direct sequel of The Game of Life released in 2016. With a different, creative and innovative approach of games, Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro have made the Game of Life, the digital version of the original board game; where you make life decisions, care about the destiny of your life, career and even your job with so many possibilities including becoming an engineer, video blogger or even doing masters degree. You can either play alone, with friends in your screen or multiplayer online.

Being the latest title of the developers, and to develop the sequel of the 2016 The Game of Life game since life has changed a lot and it is no longer up to date as per Cristina Mereuta, COO of Marmalade Game Studio statement, The Game of Life 2 has come with an updated approach, and completely new and relevant options to make your life in The Game of Life 2 apk more fascinating and exciting; unlike the first version of 2016 that is setting now on top positions of App Store and Google Play, The Game of Life 2 offers you now the opportunity to trace and follow a path to your goals and in non linear ways just like the real life such as happiness, money, knowledge, politics and many more.

In order to make the game more unique, Marmalade has managed to give The Game of Life 2 a graphical style and animating properties of its own, and there are much other characteristics for the player to discover in this new life game where good choices will take you to the best goals with a bit of luck here and there.

Moreover, the developers have made the game different than the real life with much rich experiences such as the Magical Kingdom that can be used at launch, and which offers so many fantastic alternatives and great escapism from the ordinary life paths.

Also, The Game of Life 2 APK differs with the ability to customize your own peg rather than the limited options in the first game to race your friends or online players the way you like and in the path you choose. Download  The Game of Life 2 Android, and either become a Doctor with a couple of PhDs and academic success or a pop star who likes money, the pool and a dozen of his dogs barking around.

Adding to that, find out what roads will your mate and family members will take in their life, what’s the possibility that life will or won’t take you to your goals, what’s the probability that your competitors in life known as your mates and family are going to reach their goals before you in life and where life is going to take you. It’s choices but luck is highly involved and you might never know what just happened to you that you ended up here or there.

Game Details:

Offers in-app purchases:Yes (all items are free in your bundled installer)
Developers:Marmalade Game Studio & Hasbro
Price:$3,99USD (our installer is free)
Sequel:The Game of Life
Version to Download:Android APK, iOS
The Game of Life 2 details

What are the available Features in The Game of Life 2?

What make The Game of Life 2 free of the hassles are the well optimized and new features that took the contemporary sequel from the past to the present. Many so good and needed features are available; if you don’t have internet connection, no worries; you don’t any the game of life 2 mod apk and you can play the game of life 2 with 2 players or more and offline by passing a simple connection between your devices through the game configuration options.

The Game of Life 2 – more choices more freedom is indeed just like its slogan means; it’s more freedom: the game is ad free and you can enjoy a fantastic and excellent experience with not being forced to skip ads every minute. Also, Hyper Scape game is something you are going to truly enjoy.

Moreover, there are seasons in the game to get more and more boards and items, themes and outfits every season, and the season pass is optional and not forced as you can accept it or deny it.

Just like the game has its multiplayer version making people around the world in one game no matter where they are, the game of life 2 app has the single player that puts you with a highly challenging AI to develop your skills in the game exponentially.

Many features are left for you dear players to discover in this fantastic game, and you can download the game of life 2 apk easily without any hassle. Moreover, the game of life 2 board game is highly to intended to create connections between family members and friends in those challenging times; therefore, the need of such functions and features.

Gameplay: How to Play?

The Game of Life 2 apk gameplay experience is like the original sequel of 2016, but with more updated and upgraded graphics, animations and features. Fortunately, the game of life 2 free can be downloaded easily on Android and iOS through our servers, so you can start your life journey in an outfit that is jaw-dropping; you can customize your peg in whatever color you want and in any form you prefer.

You are gonna start in the early beginnings of your life as a teen who might see it daunting but in fact, it’s just pressure free place where you are put in front of big life changing decisions and the choices keep popping consequently. How to download the game of life 2 on android apk and how to download the game of life 2 on ios are no longer questions you will have the need to ask as they are all covered and with detailed information.

The Game of Life 2 apk treats the subject of Money vs. Happiness: are you in its existence for the trillions of dollars or the good times of knowledge, moderate wealth and happiness; it’s all about choices and what comes after is something you don’t know.

Adding to the above and as The Game of Life 2 will be having seasons, worlds will be changing each season: after you got your maximum success in the green city, you are going to the Fairytale Kingdom where marvelous things happen and you make a part of them or maybe you prefer to study at the Wizard Academy where you gonna get a diplomat of magician or a knight in a shinning armor whose job is to defend the high kingdom. Each season will be having its own marvelous world and they are all for you to explore and enjoy in them the game of life 2 app.

Plus to that, in the game of life 2 apk obb, you will have your life in your hands it’s all about the path you gonna dive in; earn qualifications, get hundreds of pets and become famous using them. Life will take a way you never expected, crossroads and twists do happen and they may make you get married or get college degree in your 50s. And all you can do is to play the game of life and see your luck with your own eyes. Also, in order to make the game of life 2 apk more exciting and challenging rather than being boring, each worlds has eight puzzles known as items that you can unlock with rewards you get playing the game, you unlock new characters, cars, outfits and much more as well. Each accomplishment and achievement is rewarded; you get happiness points, you travel to some hundreds of places or you save up some money. You can watch the following the gameplay to get an intial picture:

The Game of Life 2 testing gameplay

How to Download The Game of Life2?

Although that the game is available on Google Play and App Store for about $3,99USD, you are no longer going to ask how to download the game of life 2 on android neither how to download the game of life 2 as our downloader & installer will take care of everything and all you need is just to click on the button “DOWNLOAD NOW” below to enjoy this game. You can as well get the Beat Legend: AVICII easily.

Finally if you are interested in download the game of life 2 android, you will be also highly in installing Hyper Scape the new Battle Royale game.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a reply if you face any problem or have a feedback.

The Game of Life 2 feedback and opinions:

Just like The Game of Life released in 2016, The Game of Life 2 continues with the same concepts and directions and more possibilities and options just like the real life is evolving day and night. And same as the Game of Life board game, its digital version released by Marmalade is playing around the same topics; what seems to be philosophical topics but in fact they are more than that; there are choices of life and their consequences. Everyone is trying to become rich, so everyone work harder expecting to become rich and have money, but is it gonna happen? You just don’t know and you hope for the best seeing where life is going to take you. The Game of Life 2 iOS treats those topics but in a relaxing way through this game and you are watching the opportunities and their results in a non linear and logical way.

In despite of the fact that The Game of Life 2 might need some fixes that players are already pointing to the team which is actually working very hard to fix them, the game of life 2 apk mod is working perfectly and doesn’t present any known problems to the moment.

The Game of Life 2 might be one of the best digital board games to exist just like the real board game, and Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro have responded effectively to develop the game options to meet the real life of today with its new options. The sequel is perfect overall as it is just so good and has more things and features than the 2016 one; the design of the game and the properties are also perfect making the game lightweight running on almost all devices.

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