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YouTube Vanced iOS Download APK for iPhone & iPad

Many of YouTube users have become really pissed off because of the mass advertising on the platform lately as the normal user see countless ads per one video which ruin their experience consequently. Therefore, YouTube Vanced iOS have come to release YouTube fans from this dilemma, and offers them more other features that YouTube App itself doesn’t offer, as a free project aiming to stop the masses of ads each user of the platform hates. YouTube Vanced iOS Apk works both on iOS and Android, and be downloaded easily through the buttons below.

YouTube Vanced: YouTube at its Best Performance

What is YouTube Vanced iOS Apk?

YouTube Vanced for iOS, which also known as iYTBP is a modded version of the YouTube App that is designed as an open project to provide more freedom features (Check all of them below), and as the original developer of YouTube Vanced iOS have abandoned, a whole team of XDA Forums is updating the app regularly as the YouTube App is updating.

It was renamed from injected YouTube Background Playback to YouTube (Ad)Vanced, and was initially designed on the Xposed Module for YouTube Video Playback, as it wasn’t working correctly with the Android Nougat.

YouTube Vanced Apk is based on YouTube App, but it offers so many other features rather than those of the official app like watching videos ad-free, as an ad blocker is injected to block all kinds of advertisements letting YouTube Vanced iOS Download fans more comfortable and having a good experience. More other advanced features are in the Apk like PiP that allows you to play videos when using another app and also playing the videos even if the screen is locked.

Also, what makes YouTube Vanced iOS so winnable is the streaming function that let’s you stream videos in the background without bugging the app, especially with the current hyper around streaming apps nowadays.

YouTube Vanced iOS Details:

App name:YouTube Vanced iOS
Category:Video and Audio Downloaders
Language:English (42 others)
Developers:Team Vanced
Platform:iOS & Android
Price:For Free
Installs:+25 millions
Size:+63 MB
YouTube Vanced for iPhone : Latest Version

YouTube Vanced for iPhone have some of the best features that the official YouTube app lacks along with others that do optimize and improve the user experience such as the sophisticated undetected ad-blocker, the background playback and the battery optimizer. For those reasons and functionalities, YouTube Vanced for iPhone, iPad or Mac is the best videos app out there, and look no further for others even the official ones as this app is equipped with the latest security and performance systems, and have been used for years by users who really don’t want to be tracked by other parties.

Opinions about YouTube Vanced for iOS:

YouTube Vanced is rated over 4.2/5 on uptodown making it one of the best free apps that actually benefits users as it makes their experience on the big videos platform YouTube more valuable rather than being spammed by ads here and there. The app works on Android 4.2 or greater and is updated regularly. However, it is not available nor on Google Play neither on Apple Store and users must download YouTube Vanced iOS and install it from external sources. Also, one thing to know if you have ever search YouTube Vanced iOS alternative is that it doesn’t exist, but what exist is that YouTube Vanced available for iOS and it works perfectly same as on Android. You can download its files through below.

Youtube Vanced iOS Features:

YouTube Vanced on iOS offers many functionalities that can be divided/seen as essential ones and others that are complementary, but depending on each YouTube user’s point of view and needs, all those functionalities are actually satisfying, and they don’t only improve the experience by removing the unnecessary things on YouTube, but also by adding some of the new features that many users found so necessary and essential:

Block all Ads:

One of the most sophisticated built-in adblocker is currently being used in YouTube Vanced iOS Apk; it doesn’t only block the videos ads that popup continuously but also the side screen ones that do lag the whole app. To make it clear, all and every ad is blocked; it’s like YouTube have denounced its profit making sources, but actually no; it’s YouTube Vanced that come to satisfy the user experience.

Background Playback:

This is actually a so needed feature that has been implemented in YouTube Vanced; it basically let’s repeat videos or loop them (this function can by used on computers by right mouse click). You can easily activate this option:

  1. Download & Install the YouTube Vanced iOS (Through the instructions below).
  2. Open the app and go to settings.
  3. Activate the Auto Play and Deactivate the Auto Play next video so it is temporary and applies to the current video only and not every single one played.
  4. Go to Vanced settings: Misc and choose Auto Repeat and Auto Repeat Background as well if you wish to.
As in the picture, the Playback mode is always on

Don’t worry, those steps are so simple and can be done easily as the whole app is user friendly and doesn’t require much prior knowledge to use it effectively.

Maximal Resolution Overriding:

The default resolution settings that are already set and cannot be modified in your phone can be so annoying, especially if your screen doesn’t fit some video. Therefore, YouTube Vanced iOS Apk cam with this so useful feature that allows you to bypass those pre-set settings and modify them as you wish along with other features such as zooming while the videos are being streamed, a thing that makes YouTube Vanced for iPhone a really unique streaming app.

PiP: Picture in Picture Mode:

YouTube Vanced iOS 2020 has included this mode that supports Oreo as well, and it is basically a feature that allows you to use YouTube and others apps at the same time also known as multitasking; it is actually so useful as you might sometimes only need to check your device settings and you find yourself forced to quit the whole app and then launch it again and you need to find the video that you were watching again. Plus, it is already enabled and you can use it normally on Android and iOS.

Adding to the functionalities above, YouTube Vanced iOS let’s you also:

Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa

This function can be activated by hovering over it in the settings and choosing the mod that fits you.

Pinch to Zoom (Android & iOS)

Available both on Android and iOS, make sure to not set the zoom to high values as it might cause crashs.

Casting Togglable

Yes, that’s true. This is one of the most useful features, at least for some people, and it’s finally working for iPhone and iPad now.

Variety of Themes (White, Black, Dark…)

If you have set a timezone, the themes will change automatically as per day light.

YouTube Vanced iOS still has a lot of features to ease its using

And there are much more ones that you gonna discover yourself, use and enjoy them!

What YouTube Vanced Apk Does Not Have?

Although the many features above that the app offers, some users may need other features either on iPhone, iPad or Android; they are actually being separated from the YouTube Vanced iOS so they don’t cause any bugs and you should download and install them separately. They are:

The Recovery mode TWRP:

It doesn’t come with the YouTube Vanced for iPhone installer and needs to be installed separately.

The Download Option:

This feature is going to be implemented as per YouTube Vanced team’s statement. It is also worthy to mention that this feature concerns only the online option. Regarding the offline YouTube downloading/watching videos, it is already in the Apk and you can watch videos offline.

YouTube Vanced on iOS Review:

The team of the app has really done a great job customizing the app and making it the resort out of YouTube mass ads campaigns going on and ruining the experience. Nevertheless, many bugs do as well ruin the experience on this module injected YouTube iOS, but the team is really fixing them continuously and releasing updates that users don’t need to search for regularly as they were doing before because an auto update feature has been implemented. In a similar way, AFK Arena Mod Apk has the same code for this feature.

Some of the known bugs that are being fixed currently are:

  1. Buying things on YouTube Vanced for iPhone causes crash; so the developers themselves advice you to buy from the YouTube official app because of security reasons, and they are not going to fix this bug any soon.
  2. Resolution, Speed and Quality preferences are not working on Playlists.
  3. Sharing, Chat is not working with themes (This bug has been fixed recently).
  4. After Background Playback, crashes are to happen most likely.

Last and Upcoming Updates:

As it has been mentioned above, the app is being regularly (even more than the official YouTube app itself), and many changes are added consistently (especially with the integration of the auto update function). Here are some of the new/recent ones:

  • Installation of Magisk is no longer working as Magisk has been merged with the installer.
  • MIUI systems (Xiaomi included) have a new installer to prevent the complex traditional installation process (can be downloaded on the official website).
  • All streaming bugs have been fixed as of the v15 version.
  • Installers are now classed as of root and Magisk:
    • Non-Rooted Devices.
    • Rooted Devices.
    • Magisk Root Devices.

To make everything clear about the app, YouTube Vanced iOS XDA doesn’t need detach scripts when updates are being installed, it does support the YouTube offline mode, Crop to Fit is working on all devices (S8, S8+… are all included) as the Pintch to Zoom is replacing the non working modules.

Also, YouTube history can be enabled by whit listing “” in the app adblocker.

General Conclusions about YouTube Vanced Apk:

To conclude, it doesn’t matter if you are only wanna test it, pissed off of the numerous ads, want the Background Playback function, YouTube Vanced Apk will fit your usage and needs.

A Fair Full Review about the App

All we can do is to thank the first developers of the app and the current Vanced team that keeps it up to date for this amazing freeware.

Download YouTube Vanced iOS Apk for iPhone, iPad and Android:

YouTube Vanced iOS Download can be done easily though the button below “DOWNLOAD NOW”. Then, all you have to do is to complete the on-screen instructions to transfer the app directly and pre-installed to your iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Apk (Google Play: Play Store on Android). If you face any problems/errors, you can drop a query below, and our support team will be glad to help you out.

Also, telecharger YouTube Vanced iOS can be done doing the same instructions described above and using the same files.

Download YouTube Vanced Apk on Android Tips:

YouTube Vanced installer is a cross-device/multi-device, and can be run on any device, doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile or a computer particularly Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad:

  1. After following the instructions, the app file will be downloaded.
  2. Open up the installer, and it will automatically do the rest.
  3. Set the configurations you want for the app.
  4. Test them out and twist them till they match your needs.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on iOS:

Regardless of the fact that this installation process is similar on any device, we would like to bring attention that it may differ as per:

Rooted devices users:

  1. Download the app files from the button “DOWNLOAD NOW” above.
  2. Open up Magistk and install it (it is needed and this cannot be skipped).
  3. Install YouTube Vanced then and make sure to enable the Magistk options, so it is actually considered when installing.

Non-rooted devices users:

Same process applies but those steps are added:

  • Download microG which is a modified version of Google Play that will let’s you download Split Apk Installer (SAI) a tool that is needed to use the root mode.
  • Follow the same steps above in the Rooted devices users.

Xiaomi and iOS users:

As of Xiaomi phones, there are no defined steps and many methods/options are there to install the app, that is because of the fact that Xiaomi phones don’t run Android system, and the same goes for iOS (iPhone & iPad) users:

(Note: Although that Method 1 might cause those side effects, but it has been tested on War Eternal mod Apk and have caused no errors as per users’s experiences.)

Method 1:

  1. Simply go to the Developer Options and deactivate the Optimization; something that may has other effects such as deleting apps’s permissions.
  2. Follow the Non-rooted devices instructions above.

Method 2:

This one is recommended as it is the official way to install it and it doesn’t deactivate or causes any side effects on your device:

  1. Get the ytva enabled.
  2. Create a folder/subfolder for the settings to take place for both iOS and Android.
  3. Connect/Disconnect YouTube to Google Play depending on the statue when ytva being installed.

Congratulations! YouTube Vanced iOS Apk has been installed correctly.

Method 3:

It is kind of similar to Method 2, but it differs in the first step:

  1. Get the ytva plz files (and place them in the SDCARD/TELECHARGER)
  2. Detach/Atach YouTube Vanced from Play Store, so it is not detected at all and eventually being blocked.
  3. Then, uninstall the ytva plz files so no further problems are faced (when the app is updated, the ytva plz files roll back the update making it the original version).